Symrise is a company that manufactures food products including powders, flakes and liquids for baby food manufacturers. Their latest innovation: a new range of flavors for babies, toddlers and kids.
We've created this video to highlight these new flavors (sautéed, roasted, poached, etc.) and showcase Symrise's expertise in delighting little ones' taste buds.
We did a lot of testing for children's designs. There are baby stages, toddler stages and kid stages for the same child. We mixed vegetable photography with a neutral color graphic style to make them pop. 
Several animation techniques were used. We mainly used After Effects and Procreate for the frame-by-frame animation of the liquids, as well as for the face animation tests. 
We shot the vegetables in stop-motion so that we could animate them in 360°. 
Creative Director Vincent Ben Abdellah
Storyboard Agathe Raffy - Romain Dijon - Célia Guénard
Design & Animation Célia Guénard - Romain Dijon​​​​​​​
Producer Caroline Charrier
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