This motion design video is part of a series of videos entitled "90 seconds to understand". 
The aim: introduce and explain the concept of CEP (professional development advice). It explains the different organizations in Brittany (FR) that can help when people are looking to evolve in their job or change profession.
The concept: genderless characters for everyone to identify with, interacting with shape modules to represent different types of projects throughout the video.
The designs were created on procreate. Almost everything was animated in After Effects except for certain shots, which were animated in Procreate. 
Creative Director Vincent Ben Abdellah
Art Direction, Illustration & Storyboard 
Célia Guénard - Delphine Briois - Aubane Pervier
Animation ​​​​​​​Delphine Briois - Célia Guénard - Romain Dijon
Voice Over Le Phonarium
Voice Actress & Actor Elisa Birsel - Peter Dervillez 
Producer Caroline Charrier
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