To mark the release of Lamelo Ball's new Puma shoe model, 
we have produced a promotional video.

The idea was to create a rhythmic, impactful and dynamic video 
in correlation with the player's style.

The animation had to reflect the intensity of the sport.

Fast-moving compositions, vibrating textures and distorted typography 
were all used to achieve this goal.

In terms of artistic direction, we based our color palette 
on the colors found on the shoe. To this we added a wide range of textures, 
such as torn paper, to convey the intensity of the sport in question.

A quick succession of well-charged compositions brought all 
the elements together.

To get as much video rush as possible and achieve the framing we had in mind, 
we shot the shoe ourselves.

Improvisation, laughter and unconventional equipment 
were the order of the day! 

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