For five decades, MSF has been a pivotal NGO, offering medical aid to vulnerable populations. Armed conflicts, epidemics, and humanitarian crises are central to MSF's mission, 
focusing on delivering medical care under precarious conditions.

To enhance understanding of MSF's humanitarian efforts, we collaborated with their teams 
to introduce a new information format: the Expresso. 
In just three minutes, we provide explanations and decode medical or geopolitical concepts relevant to their work, perfect timing for your coffee break!

To discuss complex subjects in a simplified yet comprehensive manner, we opted for a realistic design approach while streamlining forms for better diversity among elements 
(characters, objects, buildings...).

The video format adheres to its unique style guide and employs an ambitious color palette. 
Here, the graphic representation is lightened to offset the weight of challenging editorial content.

You'll discover several episodes dedicated to contemporary issues such as adaptable war surgery, the management of the hepatitis C pandemic and its new treatments, the stark reality of trials 
in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the abstract concept of humanitarian corridors 
and the imperative need for ceasefires during armed conflicts.

Full episodes here :

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