"L'Extratypik" is the first mobile hair salon adapted to people with disabilities. This short film tells the story of an autistic child who goes to an ordinary hairdresser, with the aim of showing the viewer how difficult this experience can be for him and how appropriate an adapted hairdressing salon would be. 
The video aims to convey the vision of Siham Yara's project to launch the participatory campaign used to finance the purchase of the truck and the implementation of this atypical salon! 

The colored shapes are a visual image that can represent an invisible disability.  They mark the difference with the other characters. Their colors, their agility, their unpredictability recall the variety, the beauty and the mystery of different disabilities.
Graphic brainstorming



Background textures are created in Photoshop, 
but everything else is designed and animated 
directly in After Effects using shape layer animation. 

Client Siham Yara
Direction Blackmeal
Creative Direction Joélie Sémoulin
Storyboard & Art Direction 
Célia Guénard, Thomas Lecomte, Joélie Sémoulin
Animation Thomas Lecomte, Joélie Sémoulin
Producer Caroline Charrier, Joélie Sémoulin
Sound design Célia Guénard
Voice-over & Dubbing Geneviève Doang​​​​​​​

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