This video campaign for McDonald's highlights children's dreams and imagination through their everyday lives. To represent the multitude of possible dreams, we have produced a series 
of 12 videos, each highlighting a particular discipline, a particular profession.
Here's the second series of videos!

The main challenge was to graphically represent this notion of the imaginary.
To achieve this, we chose to combine the real aspect of captation with a layer of 2D animation 
for the imaginary aspect. The 2D animation will react directly to the child's gestures 
of the child and the set to create the link between these two parts
The magic lies in the child's ability to "see" the objects around him straight from his creative mind. To best represent this, we opted for an animation in which each element builds and "pops" 
with plumes of smoke.


Client: TBWA
Direction: Blackmeal
Creative Direction: Vincent Ben Abdellah
Art Direction: Johann Franke
Storyboard: Vincent Ben Abdellah
Illustration: Johann Franke ; Romain Dijon ; Célia Guénard ; Delphine Briois
Animation: Johann Franke ; Joélie Sémoulin ; Thomas Lecomte ; Elisa Paillard
Shooting: Hiboo Films - Vanessa Bigot & Charles Michaudet
Casting: LiliM
Producer: Caroline Charrier

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