Faces of sustainability
The Consumer Goods Forum needed an animated intro for the Faces of sustainability campaign, where several collaborators are interviewed to explain what they are doing in the coalition.
This intro has to show the diversity of people working there.

The animation is built little by little by the characters: they work together, and are at the origin of the movements. The compositions are sufficiently graphic and geometric to present rigour and seriousness, and would be accompanied by various characters and graphic forms to present the richness of diversity.

Research & Character Design
Very simple shapes for the characters, stripped of all detail, to emphasise the diversity of shapes and colors. Unnatural colors would be used to evoke diversity as a whole and not to stigmatise particular origins or cultures. 
Client The Consumer Goods Forum
Direction Blackmeal
​​​​​​​Storyboard Joélie Sémoulin
Art Direction Joélie Sémoulin & Thomas Lecomte
Animation Thomas Lecomte & Joélie Sémoulin
Producer Caroline Charrier
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