Crédit Mutuel x MStream x Blackmeal
Production of a film for the Crédit Mutuel bank, to encourage its members to attend general meetings and show them the various advantages and responsibilities they can have as members.

Narrative concept
The voice-over recounts in the 1st person the story of a Credit Mutuel member who, in a few words, explains how he came to understand the benefits of becoming an active member of this bank. The story will be made up of a series of simple, concise sketches recounting episodes in the life of the character, in which the ordinary Crédit Mutuel member will be able to identify.​​​​​​​
Here are central compositions in which the various information and elements are presented frontally in a clean, graphic way. 
This simple, dynamic design makes the video clear and attractive.
1-2. Autosphere - Blackmeal
3-4. « Bureau du cœur », CJD Loire Atlantique - Blackmeal 
5. « Sauvetage en Mer », MSF - Blackmeal
Character Design EXPERIMENTs
The various graphic elements have little detail, but enough to make it clear what they're all about. The color palette is limited, ranging from blue to red, reminiscent of the Crédit Mutuel colors, but with some nuance and softness. The skin of the various characters will therefore be non-realistic, allowing us to focus not on the protagonists' origins but on the film's purpose.
Client MStream
Direction Blackmeal
Creative Direction Thomas Lecomte
Storyboard & Art Direction Joélie Sémoulin, Thomas Lecomte
Animation Thomas Lecomte, Joélie Sémoulin
Producer Mathilde Griffaut​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

THANKS !​​​​​​​

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